Aeroflot | Frequency Reduction in a Number of International Destinations

A Aeroflot informa:

MOWZDSU 291201/JAN21 (with changes dated 10SEP21)

Please be informed that due to cancellation of PJSC “Aeroflot” flights on a number of international routes, on SU / 555 tickets on canceled own international flights and international flights under 100% commercial management of PJSC “Aeroflot” (flights of JSC “Rossiya Airlines” and JSC “Aurora Airlines” under the SU code) in the period from 05MAY21 till26MAR22 inclusive, in addition to the standard rules of involuntary exchange/refund, the following is permitted:

– reissuance for flights under the SU code on the same route in the same class of service without any additional charge (according to the involuntary rules) on any other dates, but within the validity period of the ticket, except for the periods of carriage:

  • 24DEC21-16JAN22
  • 18FEB22-27FEB22
  • 04MAR22-13MAR22
  • 25MAR22-03APR22

Please note that:

– for tickets and services originally issued before 01MAY20 the previous procedure for non-monetary refund is maintained;

– this telegram does not apply to group carriage;

– the number of this telegram must be entered in the Endorsements / Restrictions field of the new ticket.

We remind you that the current restrictions on carriage can be found in the diplomatic missions of the countries of destination, on the IATA website, in the Timatic directory and on the PJSC “Aeroflot” website, where the restrictions for passengers arriving to the Russian Federation are set out, as well as transit through the territory of the Russian Federation, including lists of categories of persons who are allowed to enter the Russian Federation from countries, with which regular air traffic has not been resumed.

Please take this information into account in your work and inform passengers!


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