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A) Passengers WITH or WITHOUT CANCELED FLIGHTS with original travel date from March 15, 2020, may make a first change with the following conditions provided that the new travel date ends:

       • On/before December 15, 2021 in domestic flights

       • On/before April 30, 2022 in regional/international flights

Changes of date (*)

     • Without fare/miles difference, as long as the new ticket is for the same season as the original ticket (*).

     • Without penalty, in all cases

Changes of route (*)

     •  Without penalty, but paying the fare/miles difference, if any..

In case of tickets issued as from April 16, 2021, to/from regional and international destinations, this exchange policy may only apply for the purposes of postponing the date of the original trip; i.e., if the passenger requests that the date of the trip be brought forward, the penalty applicable pursuant to the fare regulations and the relevant fare difference, if any, shall apply.

B) Passengers wishing to change the date of their trip for a date ending after of:

       • December 15, 2021 in domestic flights
       • April 30, 2022 in regional/international flights

In this case, the COVID-19 SuperFlex commercial policy described above shall not apply, but, rather, the conditions of the relevant fare shall be applicable. The change may be made as long as the fare regulations of the original ticket allow it, and the passenger shall pay the applicable penalty and/or fare difference.

Tickets issued from June 2 to September 1, 2021

Passengers with tickets issued from June 2 to August 15, 2021, from/to any destination may make the first change without penalty, only paying the fare difference, if any.

     • Under this condition, only 1 (one) change may be made before the date of the original trip. If any of these conditions is not met, the penalty corresponding to the original fare shall be applied when making the change.

     • If the ticket was purchased at a travel agency, the change must be requested to said agency. However, if it was purchased directly to Aerolíneas Argentinas, you must contact us through our WhatsApp line.

     • Changes of destination must be made within the same flight network as that of the original ticket (i.e., domestic tickets may only be exchanged for domestic tickets and regional/international tickets may only be exchanged for regional/international tickets

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