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Air Canada to Offer Refunds for All Fares for Flights Affected by COVID-19 since February 1, 2020


Air Canada announced today that eligible customers who purchased a non-refundable ticket for travel on or after February 1, 2020 but did not fly can now obtain a refund from the carrier by submitting a request online or with their travel agent. The revised COVID-19 refund policy covers tickets and Air Canada Vacations packages purchased before April 13, 2021 for flights cancelled either by the airline or by the customer for any reason.

In addition to the expanded refund policy announced today, customers will continue to have the option of accepting a fully transferrable Air Canada Travel Voucher (ACTV) with no expiry date or converting the value of their ticket to Aeroplan points with a 65% bonus. Customers who have already accepted an ACTV or Aeroplan points will have the option to exchange these for a refund to the original form of payment, including for the unused portion of any ACTV issued or in cases where a partial refund was provided.

Full press release can be found here.

Air Canada refund policy at a glance

A refund option is extended to all eligible customers with tickets for travel dates on or after February 1, 2020 and who purchased before April 13, 2021. Refunds are available to those customers whose flight was cancelled or who voluntarily cancelled their flight for any reason.

Refund is applicable on:

  • 014 Issued tickets – system wide
  • Future Travel credits – unused and partially unused
  • Customers in receipt of Air Canada Travel Voucher (ACTV), Aeroplan points and eCoupons (excludes eCoupons issued for goodwill compensation).
  • To customers whose flight was cancelled or who voluntarily cancelled their flight for any reason.

Your Time of Ticketing commission will not be recalled when you process the refund on behalf of our mutual customer, provided:

  • You process the refund within the original booking channel (GDS or
  • Refunded to the original form of payment and processed by July 12, 2021.

Here is what you need to know

GDS issued tickets:
When processing the refund, please enter ACA21COVID in the Refund Waiver Code Mask, or in the PNR OSI field before refunding the ticket.

Note: EMDs on associated tickets will automatically be refunded within a few weeks.

Partially used tickets:

  • Refund is to be processed as per the fare breakdown in the fare calculation box.
  • Complex itineraries, coupons used out of sequence, or not all coupons of a through fare are used; Agency must queue the PNR to the AC Rates desk. Air Canada agent will enter the refundable amount (fare and taxes) and queue the PNR back to you for processing the refund. issued tickets:

Processed via “My Bookings”. Options available for the customer are:

  • Refund total amount paid, back to original form of payment.
  • Transfer the remaining value of all tickets in a booking and associated services to an Air Canada Travel Voucher. The voucher has no expiry date, is fully transferable and can be used multiple times.
  • Convert and transfer the remaining value of all tickets and associated services in a booking minus any taxes, into Aeroplan points, with an additional 65% bonus.

Air Canada Travel Vouchers/Aeroplan points/eCoupons:
For customers that have been issued and currently holding an Air Canada Travel Voucher, Aeroplan points or eCoupon, you or your customer may request a refund directly on

Air Canada Group Tickets:
Group tickets are to be refunded in the GDS. If the group booking was cancelled and was subject to penalties, email

  • Subject line: ‘Penalty Refund’ and CASE number
  • Include the Debit Memo number issued for the collection of the penalties
  • The date and amount paid
  • Air Canada will refund the value via a Credit Memo

Flight Passes:
Request at in the Flight Pass application, via ‘Manage My Flight Passes’.

For any customized Flight Passes, please contact the Corporation’s travel manager.

Air Canada for Business:
Please visit Air Canada for Business.

Air Canada Vacations:
Please visit Air Canada Vacations.

For complete details, refer to the Travel Agent Frequently Asked Questions.

Documentary requirements

Air Canada would like to remind all travel agencies that as a sales agent of Air Canada, it is your responsibility to comply with tax and regulatory requirements when issuing a refund to customer.

Such requirements include, but are not limited to, the issuance of a credit note/refund receipt, which must be retained on file for at least 7 years and must be made available at the request of Air Canada.

Travel agencies may be assessed a service fee plus applicable taxes for missing or incorrect credit notes/refund receipts. In addition, Air Canada may issue a debit memo to the agency for the value of the taxes, fees and charges.

As an example, it is a requirement under GST(XG)/HST(RC)/QST(XQ) and ATSC (CA) legislations, that a credit note/refund receipt be issued to customer containing the following information:

  • A statement that the document is a credit note/refund receipt
  • Name of the Supplier
  • Date on which the credit note/refund receipt was issued
  • Tax registration number(s) of the supplier
  • Name of Customer
  • Breakdown of all taxes refunded with name and amount

For complete details, please refer to the Refundable Taxes – Reference guide.

Future travel

Air Canada is offering more flexibility with the following options for new tickets purchased on or after April 13, 2021:

  • Air Canada will provide an option for a refund to the original form of payment in instances where Air Canada cancels the customer’s flight or reschedules the departure time by more than three hours.
  • Such customers will also have the option of accepting an Air Canada Travel Voucher (ACTV) or Aeroplan points with a 65% bonus. ​​​​​

For customers who make voluntary changes, refunds will be as per the fare rules of the ticket.

Air Canada has also extended its existing goodwill policy so customers can make a one-time change without a fee for all new or existing bookings made through May 31, 2021 for original travel until May 31, 2022.

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