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Dear agency partners,
The impact of COVID-19 has been of unprecedented magnitude for the airline industry. The
restrictions imposed by different governments and the drop in demand have affected the
operation of the LATAM group at a level never seen before, which has led us to make strategic
decisions to reduce costs and voluntarily file for Chapter 11 in the United States to give
continuity to the company in the long term.
In this context, we have adjusted our distribution strategy in line with international trends.
More and more airlines offer agencies various alternatives to access their inventory and be
able to offer better prices to end customers. Along these lines, we will implement the following

1) Today, LATAM gave notice to the New York Court of its intention to nullify the active
agreements signed with Amadeus GDS as of March 1, 2021, a request that is made in
the context of the voluntary Chapter 11 process. This request, which is subject to the
approval of the Court, will allow us to continue deepening our commitment to offer
more attractive rates for the end customer. All other distribution systems offered by
LATAM, including Sabre GDS and Travelport alternatives will remain available.
All reservations and tickets will remain active in LATAM systems. During the next few
weeks we will inform you about the procedures for exchanges and returns as of March
1, in order to avoid impact on our customers. We request that you contact your account
executive in case of any additional questions.

2) Launch of an API and GUI based on NDC during 2021 that will allow LATAM inventory to
be commercialized and will seek to add more and more functionalities and additional
content to agencies, thanks to greater technology.
For LATAM, travel agencies are part of its long-term distribution strategy and we are convinced
that collaborative work with you will allow us to face and overcome the current global COVID-19
crisis and continue to provide good service to our passengers.

We appreciate your understanding

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