A Lufthansa tem uma nova política de reservas disponível no Lufthansa Experts. Caso ainda não tenham acesso devem se registar, é permitido o registo de agências não IATA. 

Destacamos algumas boas práticas de reserva da Lufthansa que têm gerado um alto volume de ADMs:

2.9 Incomplete Usage & Out of Sequence
It is not permitted to make reservations different from the passenger’s real itinerary including fictitious segments with the aim to undercut the applicable fare. This includes booking and issuing round-trips for the purpose of one-way use or partial travel only as well as amending itineraries without passenger request. Should the customers change their travel plans for return flight(s) at their destination, and the original ticket does not allow rebooking/rerouting, a Lufthansa Group ticket should be issued in same PNR to avoid ADM. IATA Resolution 830 as well as Selling Agreements between GDS/CRS users and GDS/CRS providers do not allow any reservation without the specific demand of a customer. Thus, speculative/fictitious bookings (entire fictitious bookings or single fictitious segments) violate contractual agreements as well as fare rules, paragraph SR (Sales Restriction). 

2.11 Churning
All GDS/CRS bookings must be either ticketed as per tariff rules or cancelled in the GDS/CRS immediately if not required. This has to be done prior to departure. Churning refers to cancelling and rebooking of the same itinerary in the same or different classes of service across one or more PNRs or GDS/CRSs and is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

3.5 Lufthansa Group airlines ETKT/etix rebooking process
By changing a flight in a passenger booking record, the corresponding ETKT/etix must be updated according to the applicable fare rules within the same change transaction. Due to given reason we point out that the rebooking fee applies for every single closed rebooking transaction in case the ticketed fare is subject to a rebooking fee. Adding a new flight segment with or without cancellation of existing ticketed flight segment/s is considered as a rebooking transaction. This guarantees efficient and smooth check-in processes for our customers by avoiding the risk that the flight bookings could be cancelled due to ticketing deadline control. Flight cancellations due to ticketing deadline control are not eligible for a flight reinstatement. In addition, a flight change transaction performed without ETKT/etix adaptation for e.g., fare adjustment and/or change fee collection including ticket reissue or revalidation wherever permitted will be subject to ADM.

(não é permitida a venda dos inventários das companhias sem que tomem antes conhecimento das boas práticas)


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