QANTAS | ADL Fare Changes ex Portugal

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A Qantas informa:

“Dear Trade Partners,

Effective 09 May 2023, Qantas fares to ADL will be changing across all our cabins.

Un-ticketed bookings created prior to 09 May 2023, will need to be ticketed by 09 May 2023.

(Exception: If the fare held is an IT/TO fare, this can be issued by 30 May 2023 or as per ticketing time limit whichever is earlier at the previous fare level, subject to no changes being made to the itinerary. Waiver number 583750 must be placed in the endorsements box to avoid an ADM. If the itinerary changes after 09 May 2023, the new fare changes will apply)

Any new PNR created on or after 09 May 2023 should be quoted and ticketed as per the new changed fare levels in the GDS.

Fares will be updated in your GDS.


Qantas Pricing Team”


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