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Important information about your flight

Dear Customer,
Vueling is in permanent contact with both health and aviation authorities and is monitoring the situation of COVID-19 in Europe in order to implement all official requirements and recommendations.
Subsequent to this, we want to inform you that the use of masks that cover the nose and mouth is mandatory for anyone travelling on any form of public transport, which includes aeroplanes in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 21/2020 Chapter II Article 6. Children from the age of 6 and upwards must also wear face mask.
Please note that only surgical face masks or others that provide superior protection are allowed on board.
Therefore, we advise you that whenever travelling with Vueling, you should carry a facemask with you and wear it during all stages of your journey, including boarding, during the flight and whilst disembarking. Please note that you will not be able to fly without a mask.
In compliance with the recommendations of the authorities, customers with COVID-19-compatible symptoms must avoid going to the airport.
We would also like to inform all our customers that, in line with the guidelines given by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which are now mandatory by law, Vueling will restrict cabin baggage to personal items such as handbags and laptop cases that fit under the seat in front, in order to ensure that your flight is safer and more comfortable, reducing contact with shared surfaces.
Hand luggage that cannot be stowed under the seat in front must be checked in when customers arrive at the airport, at no extra cost, if it weighs up to 10 kg and is no larger than 55x40x20 cm. For bags that exceed these limits, Vueling’s policy remains the same: they must be checked in and cost extra according to the conditions of each fare. We kindly invite you to drop your bag off at check-in before proceeding through security. Please note that customers who are in Boarding Group 1 and/or have Priority Boarding are exempt from this measure and may carry their luggage on board.
For all our customers with origin / destination Italy, any item of clothing they are not wearing must be placed under the seat or inside their carry-on bag.
You can read all the measures we have implemented to protect your health and that of everyone else on board.
In light of current circumstances, many countries have different entry and exit requirements and these requirements can frequently change. Please click on the following link before your flight to check the mandatory requirements for your origin and/or destination country: Latest travel information

Please note that it remains the responsibility of the passenger to comply with country entry and exit requirements of the countries associated with their journey(s).
In view of the stricter security measures at airports, the pre-boarding procedure may take longer than usual. However, to avoid a lengthy stay at the airport and minimise the risks, we recommend that you arrive no more than 90 minutes before your flight.
Remember, only people who are going to travel are allowed to enter the terminal.
At Vueling we are working so that you and your family and friends may travel safely and comfortably.
Kind regards,
Vueling Team


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